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The community of the South Coast is as colourful and diverse as the landscape and is friendly and laid back – some say too laid back. They know how to enjoy life and visitors are made to feel welcome and they slip easily into the relaxed, carefree, outdoor lifestyle that the South Coast is famous for.

During the winter months, the South Coast is visited by thousands of bottlenose dolphins, which have migrated up the coast from the Cape. This migration occurs at the same time as the annual sardine run and is a major attraction to the area. With its enviable climate and warm surf temperatures, forests, rolling hills and all-year round sunshine, this makes the South Coast one of the prime holiday destinations in Southern Africa.

Access to the South Coast is easy and safe with the  N2 freeway, which runs north to south, along the entire 120kms of the coastline.
South Coast KwaZulu-Natal

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