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Harvard Electrical Wholesalers

General Business Midlands

Location: KwaZulu-Natal Midlands Howick
We Offer: Electrical components, Lighting, LED Lamps, Fans, Heaters, DIY, Electrical Tools, Circuit Breakers, Switches & Sockets, Cables, etc.Our new Modern Lighting showroom in now open

Harvard Electrical Wholesalers was founded in August 2010. We have since grown 6 fold, thanks to the support of our fast-growing client base. Our rapid growth has allowed us to move to larger premises within our complex.  We believe in offering excellent customer service, a wide range of diverse products at very competitive prices and most importantly, we listen to our cleints which is why we have grown so rapidly.

Our products are manufactured both locally and internationally and are fully compliant with recognised safety standards and specifications.

This business development is a direct reflection of our service and importance.  We are the only ELECTRICAL WHOLESALER in Howick and surrounding areas. We offer safe and secure parking for our clients and now have a security guard at our door.