What are the benefits of Mobile Responsive Web Design?

Mobile Reponsive Web Design

Improves SEO and Ranking for Mobile Searches

Google has started showing mobile responsive websites above websites that are not mobile responsive, when a user does a search from a mobile device. With the increase and dominance of mobile devices over computers in South Africa this can make a huge impact on your search engine rankings.

Increases Usability on Mobile Devices

Responsive design is a web design technique that causes the website content to react to the size of a device’s screen. This means that if the user browses your website from a computer or mobile device they will get the best experience possible designed for their device. Users are now able to browse your website comfortably from any device and are more likely to find what they are looking for and this can lead to a sale.

Save Time and Money on Development

Save Time and Money on Development Costs

When mobile devices first started becoming popular many companies decided to build websites dedicated to mobile devices. This created a problem when it came to doing updates as they now had to update two websites which meant time and money wasted. With Responsive design you only have to maintain one website which makes it faster and cheaper.

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