What are the benefits of HTTPS enabled websites?

Increases Search Engine Rankings

Improves SEO rankings in general

Google recommends that your website be secured using HTTPS and this increases the ranking factor in Google's search results for websites that use HTTPS. This is because Google would rather send a user to a trusted safe and secure website than one that is not.

Helps to Gain User Trust

Web browsers implement the green secure lock icon on websites that use valid HTTPS certificates to show the user that the website is trustworthy and data transferred between the website and the user web browser is secure and private.

Secure HTTPS Connection

Provides Website Security for User Data

HTTPS helps to protect your website from hackers by providing more web security as it uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to encrypt data transferred between the server and the user web browser. So with HTTPS you can ensure your website users that their personal data supplied on the website is secure. This is especially important if your users will be doing online transactions.

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